partition - coloumns


In the project PARTITION we work with temporary spatial changes. 

Two very different screens, "frame" and "columns" provide a new way of seeing the modern room divider.
The screen wall is the resident's ability to transform his home - and there is often a gradual need for a dwelling to be reorganized. 
The screen wall has a long history both as a design object and convenient installation to partition space.
But we would like to challenge the way it typically has been used in - so it becomes more than just a straight way to divide space with a smooth surface, yes it´s very convenient, but also very static and often not so flexible.
The partition function as a transformable installment that can be assembled or extended by the given situation. A solid or a hinted wall in fragments, it´s all about how it changes our physical and visual perception of a room and it´s spatial structure.


All six columns are turned on lathes and are identical. Although scaled and modernized they refer to an old craft tradition of turning wood, such as table legs.
The columns can be organized wide, narrow or scattered as you wish, thus providing wide spatial variation and possibilities.

Materiality and aesthetics

Our approach, both in devoloping and in the execution of the project, has been about using furniture craft traditions and techniques.
The screens are in their present scale built for space with a ceiling height of about 2.70 meters (8,9 ft) - and is mounted by means of threads that can be adjusted according to the height of the room.
Both screens are crafted from red alder.
Threads are solid brass.
The columns measure each:
dia(max): 12.8 cm, height: 270 cm (+ / - 12 cm).
dia(max) 5 inch, height: 8,9 ft (+ / - 5 inch)

Produced at The Danish Art Workshops with support from The Danish Art Foundation.


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