partition - frame


The frame refers to the structural character of the conventional plasterboard partition.

Inserted in all posts and horizontal bands in the frame are round dowels, which partly have a constructive function in joints, but also gives the frame a distorted physicality and invite one to hang something on the wall.
The frame can be formed to stand in a straight line, a zig-zag shape and a curled shape that can form an enclosure.

Materiality and aesthetics

Our approach, both in devoloping and in the execution of the project, has been about using furniture craft traditions and techniques.
The screens are in their present scale built for space with a ceiling height of about 2.70 meters (8,9 ft) - and is mounted by means of threads that can be adjusted according to the height of the room.
Both screens are crafted from red alder.
Threads are solid brass.

The frame measures in its broadest lineup
width: 328 cm, depth: 24 cm, height: 270 cm (+ / - 12 cm).
width: 10,8 ft, depth: 9,45 inch, height: 8,9 ft (+ / - 5 inch)

Produced at The Danish Art Workshops with support from The Danish Art Foundation.


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