DU Table


DU Table is defined by simple yet super strong geometry showing it’s real character in the depth of it’s details.

This handcrafted piece is a centrepiece for every space without any bells and whistles, fit for work or dining.

It features a tabletop with hardwood edges and surface with linoleum on both sides with the possibility to flip the tabletop for an alternative colour. Carried by a powder coated steel frame. 

Measurements: H 72 • W 200 • D 102 cm / custom

Tabletop; Furniture Linoleum, both sides. Wengé hardwood edges.
Frame; Powder-coated steel tubing, brazed joints.

Tabletop; Dark Blue, Powder Rosé
Frame; Schwarzblau

DU Table is a made to order piece as standard version described above or customisable in regard to dimensions, materials and colour in dialog with the client.


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